About Us

Infinity Vacations has been serving travellers and tour operators for many years has built a reputation of reliability and trust worthiness that has ensured a loyal customer and supplier base.

Why Infinity Vacations?

As a travel agency, Infinity Vacations has strived to focus on crafting unique experiences for all travellers who go on holidays or trips.

Whether it is a business trip or family vacation, Infinity Vacations will ensure that the logistics and excursion are done seamlessly with as little hindrance to the traveller as possible.

Why are we a trusted supplier?

Many global tour and travel companies from around the world trust us to be their partner on the ground in Sri Lanka, for the simple reasons of trust and dependability.

We venture to guarantee a partner’s brand reputation is carried through to our services and offerings on their behalf to ensure a smooth transition all the way. This has helped us secure several longstanding partnerships.

Why are our tours so good?

Simple, we use only the best and most experienced tour and travel guides that have a sound knowledge of the relevant excursions and can adapt to any tour situation as needed to ensure little to no inconvenience is made to you the traveller.

Excursions and tours by Infinity Vacations push for timeliness, value and above all focussing to create lasting and fun memories for all our travel customers.