Our Concept

We at Infinity Vacations are committed to offer unforgettable vacation experiences and surely will surpass your expectations. We believe traveling should be without limits and with endless options. But first and foremost your experience should be handcrafted individually, because everybody experiences art, culture, mentalities and nature completely different. We are not in the business to simply sell tours. We aim to convey impressions that will enrich your life and broaden your horizon. All our qualified staff are passionate about creating extra ordinary traveling experiences. We regard of ourselves as a mediator between local traditions and our guests. We will only be satisfied when you go into rhapsodies about Sri Lanka. Our vision is all about creating the perfect holiday and offer our guests a tailor made high quality program with endless possibilities to explore our beautiful island, All our tours include many insiders tips that’ll lead you off the beaten tourist tracks. We want you to feel that special spirit of our beloved home, for that we will always go the extra mile. That’s our promise to you and for that we stake our good name, Infinity Vacations.

Our guides are some of the best in the country. All our guides are trained in special workshops and they understand the expectations, culture and mentalities of our guests. They are our ambassadors on the ground and they work very closely with us to ensure a friction less tour. Our guides are also our representatives who advocate our good name and who work entirely according to our company philosophy.

All hotels offered by Infinity Vacations are carefully chosen since we emphasize on hotel quality and service no matter which hotel standard you decide on rest assured that we’ll always offer you the best possible hotels in your chosen category. Give us the preference to organize your precious time of the year with guarantee a smooth and perfect process of your dream holiday and we would be delighted if you entrust your clients or yourself to us.

Infinity Vacations – because quality counts !!!